One Master Career Stewardship

One Master Career Stewardship

Helping You Along Your Journey

You’re at a crossroads. Decisions need to be made about your future and you could use some help. God created you with unique talents and gifts. Let Career Direct match those with the path he has designed for you.

Career Direct combines the biblical principles of talent and stewardship. Regardless of your age or career status, Career Direct’s assessments and evaluations will help you align your God-given talents with His design for your life.

We, at One Master Ministries, are trained and experienced as a Qualified Career Direct Consultant to help you discover your unique design and the Assignment of your life.

Pricing for the Assessment Consultation

Educational – for those 16 years of age & older – $195 + tax

Occupational - for those already in their careers, ready to move forward – $275 + tax

Both assessments include step-by-step guidance to take a one hour, online assessment and a 2-hour comprehensive one-on-one consultation either in-person or via Zoom video conferencing. You’ll come away with a greater awareness of who you are and more clarity of the possible next steps toward a fulfilling and purposeful career!

If you are ready to take the assessment, please follow these steps:

1) Click on the green Contact button at the top of the page to contact us

2) We will send you a link to make payment

3) Once the payment is complete, we will send you everything you need to get started


"Thank you so much for aptly guiding us through the wonderful process of ascertaining a career direction for Calvin!  Career Direct proved very helpful in connecting Cal's skills and abilities with his personality and preferences--to enable us all to see the best possible career placement for him.  While you so patiently delved deeper into his talents and values during the consultation, I could see him in my mind's eye fulfilling a plan for both how God made him and what is needed in the world!  Your service was very valuable in confirming hunches and dispelling anything which was misleading in Calvin's future.  I would highly recommend this process for anyone seeking to successfully apply their gifts and abilities in college and/or a career!" Lyle & Laura Dailey


“The recent Career Direct Assessment Consultation we had with Carey Northington was extremely helpful to our son Isaac, and ourselves. After taking the assessment, Carey met with us to discuss the results, which described Isaac’s passions, desires and motivations. Carey was patient, insightful, and compassionate.  The Consultation helped Isaac look at the big picture of his life, confirmed some strengths and personality traits, and presented several new discussion topics we will be working over in the next few months/years as Isaac considers various possible career paths. This whole experience gave all of us confidence in going forward.  As Isaac summarized in the car after the meeting ‘Mr. Northington is really good at what he does.’  We highly recommend all parents consider scheduling this assessment with Carey.”   Jim & Bonny Williams

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