One Master Financial Training for Students

One Master Financial Training for Students

God's Wisdom for Future Generations

Future Class

Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool

2018-19 School Year Homeschool Class for high school students

*Learn spiritual & practical money skills for life

*Beginning in September 2018 & concluding in May 2019

*Location: Church in Xenia

* Click on the green CONTACT button above if you have interest in your high school student being in this class. Without expressed interest from the home school community, a class can not be held.

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“We have not even connected the fact that our economic woes really have also been built on a pragmatic philosophy with no accountability. We live without recognizing it has to be paid back. We live as if there are no resources. The way we keep moving – living beyond our moral means and our fiscal means and our spiritual means – we think there will never be a payday someday.”

Razi Zacharias